Solve Money Problems – Live Debt Free & Worry Free | 20-TIPS + TOOL

20 tips to end money problems

20 tips to end money problems

Financing is not just about getting a loan on the fly, or lending more money. And besides, you can not completely change your financial situation from one day to the next.

Let’s put aside all the excuses honestly and openly. Have not you had enough of your financial situation? To have little money every month and to get constantly frustrating letters from your bank?

How can you end money problems?

How can you end money problems?

End money problems

Do not you have enough of your debts and entries in the credit bureau and every month thinking about borrowing more money from somewhere?

If your financial situation really bothers you, then fine. Because then I have good news for you.

If you are ready to change your personal financial situation then I am ready to help you! Let us together bury your debts and restore your financial budget!

I help everyone who is sincere and honest with themselves and willing to work with me. My offer is clear. I help you with my personal commitment. That means personal telephone conversations are inevitable. In addition, I will work with you week after week on your expenses and income.

I will go through with you all your previous documents. It does not matter if it’s insurances, bills for rent, installments for a car, or if you have outstanding claims in credit bureau.

Are you tired of not having enough money every month?

Are you ready to say goodbye to your money problem once and for all? If so, then you are right here.

I do what no bank in the world offers. Namely to help you sincerely.

It is clear that I can only help you if you are willing to do so. And it is also clear that my help is by no means a one-time thing. But on the contrary. To get your finances under control requires a long-term cooperation.

My help is a personal help that you will not get from any bank, lender or debtor advisor in the world.

Are you ready? Then use my fair offer now!

20 TIPS to solve money problems
Who of us knows no money problems? The pressure to constantly think about money is growing. The cost of living rising and making more money seems inevitable! But how can you end your money worries once and for all?

Having money problems is nothing unusual. The question is how to solve money problems – and if possible fast and easy! For this reason, I have put together for you the simplest and best tips against money problems.


Money problems what to do? We all agree. Money problems make you sick. It does not matter if it’s in the partnership or as a single. Frequently, money problems are triggered by habits that are very easy to stop.

For example, money problems can be built up by gambling addiction. Or in general money problems can arise in the marriage because many topics simply remain unspoken or you had to borrow money to make ends meet.

I always advise you to talk to your partner, your family and your friends about money problems.

It always helps to turn to friends in a difficult financial situation! With practical money handling tips you can solve your financial worries – as long as you do something for it!



If you can not help yourself, then I recommend you to take advantage of my service. Having money problems should not embarrass you.


Having money problems is no shame. However, it is important to recognize, perceive and admit these. If you find it difficult to admit money problems, then I can understand that only too well.

Whenever I ran out of money every month, I always had smart excuses to overlook my worries about money. my bouquet tactics to stick my head in the sand I liked the beginning of my money problems very well. However, a short time later I had to pay an expensive price for it!

How to end your money problems and get started right away and today, I explain here with a simple step. Take 5 minutes, you will not regret it and your family will thank you!


Money shortage is becoming more common due to the fact that people are making less and less money. Also, over-indebtedness is increasingly gaining in importance. But if you have money problems then I can help you with my page.

I also have money problems and many people are increasingly financial problems and only a few people dare to admit in public that they have money problems.

This is already evident in the debt at a young age and the growing shortage of money. One of the reasons why money problems exist is the fact that banks are still lending money very easily. Anyway. I would like to explain to you in simple steps how you can solve your money problems.

It is also a fact that money problems arise because we urgently need certain items in everyday life. E.g. Do you need a car to get to work, or a computer to perform any online activities.



The lavish consumption and advertising for more consumer goods is very tempting. To save a flyover of your finances, I advise you to use my super mega weapon against money problems.



In today’s world, it is hard to imagine not having a computer or not having a smartphone. And if you do not have those things, it will be very difficult to get information. Without a computer there is no internet. And without the Internet, you have no way through Google to search and find something.

Although many people claim that a computer or the Internet are luxuries. It must also be clear that these instruments are nowadays required to find a job. Almost all applications for a new job are only offered online.

For this reason and this misery, many people resort to a loan from their bank at an early stage.

This means that money problems can already arise in a very simple way. Especially if you need immediate cash and need to finance necessary items to get ahead.


I would like to help you analyze your money problems and eliminate them afterwards. As mentioned earlier, there are different situations. And completely different reasons why you can have money problems.

For one thing, it may be that you have too much debt and should take a really good debt counseling service. On the other hand, it may be that you have difficulties with your budget accordingly. So maybe you have trouble understanding how to spend your money.

In most cases, it’s guaranteed to be something you can learn. Changing the way the money is handled. If you know how much money you make, you can start with a simple revenue and expenditure calculation right away. In it you can record all income and expenses.

    This setup is very simple in principle. It consists of three columns.
  2. Column: The first column describes what you spend your money on or what you actually spend your money on.
  3. Column: The second column records your total monthly expenses.
  4. Column: And the third column shows you in the result whether you made a financial profit or a loss.

Now it is time to use this tool for your financial overview. So get to the bacon, and start now to bring your finances on Vorderman!


Start now with your income. First enter your source of income in the first column. This may be your job or an independent activity.

Be aware that in a self-employed activity, sales should not be listed as profits or revenues. You have to deduct expenses from sales and at the end of the year you also have to take account of tax debts or taxes.

In principle, the bill is very simple. Now enter the source of your income in this column. Make sure your income is the real and actual income after deducting all expenses and taxes.

Now you have a certain amount of money with which you can manage monthly.


It is always good if you refer to several sources of income and you do not have to rely on a single income type. But now it goes on with our revenue-expenditure-bill with the costs. And one of the most important things about money problems is to write down and recognize the costs first.

In this post, I also provided you with a Google spreadsheet listing the daily expenses of things. That should help you not to forget trifles.

These are basic tasks and basic needs that you need for daily life. For example, you need a place to live and so you may have to pay a rent or maybe you have borrowed money for your home or for your home.

Even if you have already made an interest comparison and the assumption represents that you have a cheap loan. The reality may be different.

Of course, the daily cost of living only with the rent alone is not compensated. Because for the living you need many other additional expenses to be paid. Whether that’s the electricity or the water or the heating like gas or garbage collection or canal fees. All these costs are to be borne by you month by month.


To analyze your money issues, it’s important to understand how much your monthly spend is compared to your earnings.

If this bill comes with all the costs that you need for your daily life a negative amount should come out then you already have a financial money problem.

It must be clear to you that you have to earn more money month after month to fix your money problems or reduce your expenses and costs.

In principle, this task is not that difficult. And with the revenue and expense statement you can also see how you make your investments.

The difficulty lies in most cases not in this situation to recognize and analyze. No at all, in most cases, the problem is not knowing how to make more money.


So it happens that many people think of wanting to earn additional money with a sideline. Often, however, it is no longer thought about what options you have to earn more money.

On the other hand, the cost reduction, too little is done to balance the budget reasonable.

So you see that it is a combination of these two sides. And you should look at this in this table and in this list carefully so that you can in principle recognize the right foundations or the right roots for your money problems.

In many of my other posts, I have already talked about the possibilities to earn extra money along the way. In most cases, people are already doing a job, but the money is no longer sufficient month after month.

Then it is thought to make quick money or immediately take out a loan to compensate for the missing revenue. But in most cases it is advisable not to take bank loans if you have money problems. And keep away from other debts.

Personally, I advise you not to act hastily when faced with monetary problems, but to show your personal situation as simply as possible with a simple revenue and expenditure calculation.

With this simple advice, you will be able to quickly and easily see what your personal financial situation looks like at the moment.

A particular money problem is the fact that people have already built up debt with the bank. And these debts are the cause of their actual money problem for most people.

Personally, I can suggest that you seek professional debt counseling in this case. This can help you to take simple steps to get your money problems under control.


Let’s talk from practice. Extreme money problems are not built up by psychological patterns of behavior. It is obvious that about 90% of all cases suffer from a financial emergency if you have not set up a financial plan. The result is an over-indebtedness that could have been prevented from the outset!

Money problems in a relationship arise mainly because the partners do not talk about money.

Basic rule number 1: talk to your partner absolutely honest about your financial situation.

If you are single you have to be honest with yourself. This point is sometimes not that easy.


First try to help yourself! The good news: No matter if you have big money problems or just small ones. Your financial situation can now be changed immediately. And you can help yourself immediately!

What it takes is a piece of paper and pencil. 5 minutes rest where you concentrate on thinking about how much money you earn per month.

This is very easy to figure out when looking at your pay slip. If you are unemployed then you also have a Hartz 4 cover. Write your number and source of income on the piece of paper. Now you know how much money you have available monthly.

As a next step you should make a note of all the monthly expenses that are immediately known to you. This list is usually much longer than revenue.

At the end of this simple but very effective list, you draw a line. You compare your earnings with your spend page. Be sure that you have not forgotten any positions especially on the expenditure side. Think about what payments you have to pay each month.

Money Problems and Professional Help

Money Problems and Professional Help

I always advise you to talk to your partner, your family and your friends about money problems.

If you can not help yourself, then I recommend you to seek a professional debt counseling.

A free analysis offers Eco24.


If you live in a relationship then it is important that your partner creates a revenue and expenditure account with you as well.

Money problems in the family can only be mastered together. So it may be that one partner can do relatively well financially and the other a little less well.


One of my best friends turned to me. Bernhard, Bernhard. Please, can you help me? I have big money problems and I do not know how to solve them! “

No matter what your situation should look like. It is clear that you can help yourself with it immediately if you set up a simple revenue and expenditure bill

Let me tell you. It does not matter if you have money problems during pregnancy or if you have money problems after a divorce.

Also, there are more and more new cases where despite work and high revenues over-indebtedness exists. That’s for sure. First and foremost, it depends on your expenses. Knowing them exactly and also making sure that your expenses are not higher than your income!

With celebrities and wealthy families, financial losses have a severe impact on the psyche. In extreme cases, this can also lead to suicidal people. Making difficult personal situations such as separation is very difficult to stay positive and also focus on personal financial planning.

The situations are very individual for everyone. Nevertheless, I would like to focus on helping to find a general and plausible answer to solving your personal monetary problems. For this I have mentioned below the story of my friend who had no more financial problems in a very short time than he began to carry out his private financial recovery!

    The topic of money is a big field of tension in every partnership. It can have devastating effects if you do not discuss this topic openly and honestly.

Who does not know this situation. The friend conceals money problems – a circumstance that can be very difficult for a partnership and marriage.

    There is a magic magic word for it. And that word is called action. Because without a simple action to change your financial actions and thinking, there will be no change.

In most cases, excessive spending leads to over-indebtedness.

Even the age plays little or no role. So you may already have money problems at 16 or 18 years or be in retirement.

Also, I want to state that you should not be ashamed of your current financial situation. Why? There is really no reason to ignore financial emergencies.

Think about it. If it does not concern you yourself. But, for example, if your brother should have money problems. Would not you try to help him advise what he could do to finally change his finacial situation?

So you see. This question is easy to answer. If your girlfriend has money problems then you certainly want to help her make a positive change in her financial situation. There is no way around her to help her to help her.

Money Problems: How do I contact my partner?

A good approximation is to proceed in such a way that you can pick up on this topic in an initially insignificant conversation. You can mention that a good friend has approached you and he would have entrusted you with something very personal. “We have money problems,” he said, “and our money problems are killing me.” With this introduction you are guaranteed to find a way to bring the topic to the table!



It is important to create an analysis. This personal and personal financial analysis can be made very easy with a revenue and expense account.

I can assure you that in most cases it is not economical to be economical enough on the expenditure side.

Whether it was the purchase of a car in which the repayment rates and the credit are just too high. Or if it is generally the lack of economical use of your existing income.

It is clear that you yourself have caused your money problems. It is difficult to blame someone else for it. It’s time to stop making cheap excuses and start getting your money problems under control today.


If you have constant money problems then it is obvious that you should start immediately to change this situation. I keep relying on the simple revenue and expenditure lineup.

After you have done this setup, it is important to determine if you have enough or sufficient monthly income and you can reduce your spend page.

Avoid all unnecessary expenses on the expenditure side. No matter if tips are you forgive if you have a registration fee in a fitness club or if there are expenses paid for luxuries that you do not need at all for your daily life.

Reduce your expenses to the bare minimum. This means that you simply have to step down if your spending page should be much higher than your income page.

This is the basic principle that you should always use.



The second problem, however, increasingly seems to be becoming ever greater. What can you do if you have no income at all?

Even in the case of unemployment, I keep reminding myself that the unemployment benefit or Hartz 4’s income should also be regarded as income.

To answer this question, we should look more closely at how you can make more money. It does not matter if it’s a small sideline or if you should seriously think about how you can make more money with a full-time job.

Or maybe it is also a possibility to practice another job and activity than before? In general, you should ask yourself the question of what you really want to earn money with?

I always come back to this topic. It is one of the most important things in life. Keep track of what work you would actually enjoy making money with.

many men friends have always looked at me diagonally when I started to think about how you earn your money. For me it was already a clear thing as an apprentice. I have always freed the meaning of what my life actually has when I work with an activity that I earn 40 hours a week over money that absolutely does not meet me.

That’s nonsense and a waste of my life. And so it happened that I often asked myself the possibilities to earn money.

Personally, I never had any serious money problems. I think that’s probably because I grew up as an apprentice and had little to no money at my disposal. In addition, I did not care if I was frugal and criticized other friends for it.

I always thought why should I be ashamed of being frugal? And why should I unnecessarily spend money that I had laboriously saved.

To this day I do not care if people criticize me for not even wanting to spend € 1 useless. I do not think I’m a miser but have a reasonable, down-to-earth and realistic attitude towards money.

I think that this situation, which might be so difficult for you in the short term, can open many other options and doors as well. What do I mean by that? I mean it would be time for you to think carefully about what kind of activity that actually inspires you to make money.

I can tell you from my own experience that it is fun and it can be a great fulfillment with what you really like to do and make money.